Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry belated Christmas!

It has been a while since I last blogged - life has been very dramatic, and hence very draining.

Christmas came and went. My husband and I decided against present buying for each other this year, which seems very odd for someone as mad about Christmas as me! However, budget restraints required it, and I survived - but I'm hoping that our anniversary will bring something pretty at least.

Cale was utterly spoilt - and as was expected, he was all about the paper and only mildly interested in the contents of each package. It required both my husband and I to be very quick on our toes as he tore pieces of paper off with his recently acquired teeth! (number 5 is on the way even as we speak)

The best wee present - at least for us, is that Cale has started moving about. Might I add that his method of moving is not the conventional way. We shuffle around on our bottom, and we go backwards on our tummy. Cale desperately wants to be crawling but hasn't been able to co-ordinate his hands and legs to go in the same direction as of yet. This may be a New Year present for us!

I have done a lot of sewing as of late - secret santa presents, birthday presents, santa sacks - my machine has definitely earned its keep. I went a little nuts at the spotlight sale today - so my next project will be pyjamas for my nephew for his birthday, and some for my wee man - just because I can.

I hope Santa was kind to you and your's and a restful holiday period was delivered to each of your perspective trees!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Everything was going so well...

Lets just say that the sh*t hit the proverbial fan! My husband's uncle passed away, then I ended up in hospital with my son with a rather nasty dose of rotavirus (him not me), then the one night I had away from the hospital with my husband stepping in I got rudely awoken by an early morning phone call informing me that he had come down with the bug too and had to get off the ward ASAP!!! Faaaarrrrkkk!! I was coping with all of that, when my Dad decided to add his two cents to the equation, and fireworks resulted. Much crying and feeling fragile, when my sisters decided to jump on board. Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to Christmas NOT!!

But all is not lost - I have been sewing up a storm and getting some well earned therapy through creative means. That has helped a lot. Ahhh sewing, how I have missed you!