Wednesday, January 26, 2011

busy busy

My new addiction (well, not that new to those who have known me for a while) - sewing! I have recently purchased off Trademe a wonderful sewing cabinet, solid pine, for a very reasonable price. I get to go and pick it up on Friday - I'm so excited!! Tomorrow night might be interesting  - adult version of the night before Christmas!

I can't wait to get it home and set up my little corner of paradise and get going on some more gorgeousness.

My recent sewing attempts have been thwarted by my now, very mobile little boy. He is either chewing on the power cords, or sitting on the pedal in attempt to *help*. He is my sewing sidekick - his favourite toy is my tape measure, and he adores scraps! However, it will be nice to have a place that I can close off to him if I so choose.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PND - you're a prickly thorn and I don't like you!!

Its been a while since I last posted about this particular aspect of my life. To some extent I have been living by the 'if its not mentioned, its not there' philosophy. What a shame it doesn't work!!

Today has been a mare of a day. I had to go with my hubby to WINZ, which was a stressful enough scenario (had to time feeds, sleeps etc and actually leave the house to make the appointment on time - none of which are easy for me). We manage that, and then discover that they have written down the wrong date yet again and in fact we aren't due for another week! If I could have climbed over the desk, I would have quite happily clobbered HER into next week!!! So home we trot and hubby packs himself up and heads to Auckland (quite important as he is yet to find a job since April!) to look for work. But I was in such a state by then, with a very assertive baby on my hands. There were a few tears to be had.

I had my occupational therapist come round this afternoon, which was good, but I would have much rather buried myself in a hole as sit there and discuss 'strategies' to help with my stress levels. And I have to go to the doctor on Thursday, lucky me!

To top it all off, monkey was being a nightmare tonight, so I just left him to it and pottered at the back of the house. BAD, bad move. He completely destroyed his birth certificate, so tomorrow I need to get another one sorted out - can't organise a passport for him without a birth certificate. My word for today....GAH!!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hot, hot and more hot!!

Summer, you are the bane of my existence - how did we get her my dear friend?? I have always been a summer girl, the hotter the better was always my turn of phrase. But summer with a little dot isn't particularly kind. Cale, it seems, has inherited his father's love of the cooler climes, as opposed to my warmer ones. Add heat to teething and a perfectly timed tummy bug and you end up with an incredibly grouching, sensitive child.

In my quest to have a sleeping baby, I put Cale down to sleep on our bed, with the heat pump set to cool (medium) and a fan in the hallway to move the air around. Well, said child has now been asleep for 3 hours and hasn't moved so much a muscle. I'm now contemplating where his father and I are going to sleep tonight - sadly we are both a smidge too big for his cot! Oh the things you do for a sleeping baby!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Good bye 2010...Heelloooo 2011

How did it get to be the 10th of January before I managed a welcome to 2011 post? Things are certainly busy, and it doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon.

It is one week til my 2nd wedding anniversary, and just over 3 weeks until my little guy turns 1!

I haven't had much time to do any sewing as of late, my wee monkey is getting quite mobile these days. Tonight I came out of the kitchen to find him sitting facing the front door - a self imposed time out? He really is a cheeky wee thing.  

Here are a few pics of our WONDERFUL holiday at the beach. Cale loved his time with his grandparents and free access to as much attention as his heart desired.