Friday, November 19, 2010

Gosh its been a while!

How time disappears! When did it get to be the end of November? And for that fact, nearly the end of the year? Life has been extraordinarily busy around these parts. Mostly because of so very ill family members too far away for us to see, but whom we think about all the time. My father in law is returning from representing us all in far away South Africa, so my little family is heading up to his home to be the supportive net we hope we will be.

But in the last week and a bit, well, this is the run down:
1. Cale got his first tooth
2. He sat completely unaided
3. My family from Australia visited
4. I had a very productive meeting with mental health
5. We caught up with lots of friends
6. I made my boy a duvet cover - very cool!

7. My husband had a gaming tournament
8. My boy had a virus
9. And looks like he is getting ready to start crawling, mega excitement!

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's been a GREAT day!!

Hmmm nothing like sunshine to make you want to get out amongst it! I am totally a summer girl, I am never more at my best than when the sun is shining and I am able to get out and enjoy it. Today was one of those days.

I had my nurse come this morning and tell me how fantastic I am (hehe) and how much progress she had seen. A great way to start the day. After she left I packed my son and I up, and we loaded ourselves into the car leaving my lovely other half to job search to his hearts content. So off we went to the lake for an afternoon of frolicking in the sunshine. Was fantastic!!

Coming home, I got all inspired and stopped off at Bunnings and loaded up on tomatoes, strawberries and a whole pile of seeds to start transforming my vegetable garden tomorrow. Oh and I bought a shade tent so my little boy can be out in the garden with his Mama!.

I'm a little sunburnt, but right now, I really don't care, because I really feel like I'm smiling inside out!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finally some quiet time to reflect...

It has been one of those days, one of those weeks, and one of those months, where everything happens in a whirlwind and you just NEED to stop for a breath. This is my breath.....

I am sleep deprived, I have a clingy, teething monster of a child and a husband who is sleeping all day....I have a family who desire contact, probably more often than I feel able to give it, I have sick relatives, friends who I miss. I have a multitude of health professionals all requiring my time, family events I simply cannot attend, I feel stretched and pulled in so many directions. I want to live and take my life at my pace, is that so much to ask?

I have been amazed at how much I can accomplish with a child firmly attached to one hip - I can do washing, hang it out, clean the bathroom, wash the outside of the house, cook and eat dinner, make bottles and prepare medications. Once upon a time I would have thought that none of these things were possible.

I am learning...

I am learning that I am much more capable than I give myself credit for.
I am learning that I am as important as anyone else.
I am learning that it is okay to express my opinions, and in fact I SHOULD express my opinions.
I am learning to be an observer rather than an enabler.
I am learning to trust my instincts and not doubt myself.

Actually I am learning quite a lot!

I am reading a book, a book that my Dad lent to me - its actually  a prison book lol. Its about becoming a peaceful warrior and living each day to its fullest. It has been very inspirational to me, and I'm only about half way through it!

There is a little boy, sleeping in his bed, that I have been to the ends of the Earth and back again for, and who I would do it all again for, each and everyday of my life. I guess that's called being a Mum. He is the light of my life and the centre of my universe, and here is the latest picture of my very special little man.