Monday, June 27, 2011

Just one of those days...

I knew fairly early on that I shouldn't have gotten out of bed. But the mission was on to get Monkey's and my passports sorted, so alas I didn't really have a choice!

Firstly, photographing a monkey for his first passport is quite a palava, they put him on a stool and got me to hold his legs while bending down out of the view of the camera - HA! Said Monkey thought we were playing a game of peek-a-boo! He would not stop grinning - not quite the look for a passport photo. So I had to try and wriggle my way under the stool so he couldn't see me, and keep my head down so he DEFINITELY couldn't see me. After about 20 shots they finally managed to get a reasonable picture.

Secondly, the passport forms. I had previously filled these out for our Hamilton address, of which we no longer reside at. So I phoned hubby and asked him to collect the appropriate forms on his way home for lunch. Unfortunately, the guys at the travel agents need to finely tune their listening devices as, yup, you guessed it he came home with the wrong adult forms. Back he got sent, and finally I had the correct forms to fill out.

Next came the witnessing. The person who was suggested for this task decided that he hadn't known me long enough to sign these. Mad panic ensued. Luckily I managed to track down a dear friend who lives about half an hours drive away. The calm of the storm. We even managed a lovely catch up in a coffee shop while her beautiful babe slept away (mine was left at home with hubby). Documents signed, and the return trip home.

Auckland traffic is not to be sniffed at. 45mins to get out of said suburb, and then another half an hour on the motorway. Sigh. Petrol light starts flashing dangerously. Thank goodness for a well placed BP station!

Home, but passport job still not complete, none of the other jobs I had set for myself, and to top it all off the housecleaner hadn't been. Sigh. Bed, I think you sound very promising!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Well hello again :)

It seems I have had another blogging holiday, but I didn't mean to be gone this long. It has bee a grueling couple of months, and while things are still difficult at times, we seem to be coming out of the fog.

I have found my love for sewing again, and after a weekend in front of it - I confess I feel much more contented. Soooo, roll on more sewing!

Pinterest! If you haven't discovered the miracle of this wonderful site, I suggest you go exploring pronto! Oh my goodness, it is all to beautiful and addictive - I must confess I spend a great deal of my time delving into all manner of inspiration.

My wee baby turned into a toddler overnight, and now walks EVERYWHERE. His Daddy even took him for a big walk around the block two nights ago - and he walked the whole way! Proud Mama moment!

I hope all is well in your world as well xxx