Saturday, July 15, 2017

Time waits for no one

And just like that it's 2017.

One thing I have realized is that time does not stop. Ever. With all the busyness that happens in day to day life, it is all to easy too get caught up and suddenly life has raced on by. Never was this more evident than in my own life.

Between my darling husband finishing his studies and starting up a new business, and me returning to full time work, there has been little time to stop and breathe, never mind reflect. Which brings me to my next find space to breathe within our busy lives.

Our dear wee boy, is now not so wee. He is a big seven year old, and rapidly approaching eight. Imminent adolescence is terrifying!! So every moment has become precious. Enjoying each other, building memories and making time for laughter is my priority.

Work is just a job, and while I adore the children that I work with, they too are but ships in my night. My priority is my family, and I will be working towards having my life reflect that. 

Bisous xxx

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