Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hot, hot and more hot!!

Summer, you are the bane of my existence - how did we get her my dear friend?? I have always been a summer girl, the hotter the better was always my turn of phrase. But summer with a little dot isn't particularly kind. Cale, it seems, has inherited his father's love of the cooler climes, as opposed to my warmer ones. Add heat to teething and a perfectly timed tummy bug and you end up with an incredibly grouching, sensitive child.

In my quest to have a sleeping baby, I put Cale down to sleep on our bed, with the heat pump set to cool (medium) and a fan in the hallway to move the air around. Well, said child has now been asleep for 3 hours and hasn't moved so much a muscle. I'm now contemplating where his father and I are going to sleep tonight - sadly we are both a smidge too big for his cot! Oh the things you do for a sleeping baby!

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