Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thinking frugally...

Eeeeek! You know it's going to be a long week when you only have $35 to your name until this time next week...

This is going to require some out of the box thinking. Our meal plan for the week is currently being "padded" out by my very generous in-laws. So to repay some of the huge debt of gratitude I now owe them, I'm baking them a Christmas cake. My Christmas cake is no ordinary fruit cake. Nope, the only fruit it contains are dried dates! Mmmmmm love those dates! It also has copious macadamia nuts, almonds and lashings of dark chocolate. And brandy...lots and lots of brandy! (Or, as in the case of the other night, when  you don't have brandy, IMPROVISE! Lol. Ours had Jack Daniels in it instead!)

But I digress.

Food plan for this week:

Wednesday = One pan chicken
Thursday = Babotie
Friday = Slow cooker beef
Saturday = Vegetable frittata
Sunday = Soup and scones
Monday = Fish cakes
Tuesday = partial payment = STEAK!!
Wednesday = Payday! = GROCERIES!

Now the only problem with all of this, is I can't go very far due to only having 1/2 a tank of petrol to last me to Wednesday....Hmmmm, I wonder if I can persuade people to come to me???

Wishing you all a peaceful and harmonious week! xoxox

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