Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2lb down!

Happy Hump day everyone! I am excited to share that I am 2lb down and almost fitting my largest sized clothing correctly again! Progress! I have re-introduced myself to my gym and loving being active again. I have ditched myfitnesspal in favour of my new favourite app - Loseit. Can't speak highly enough of it - those 2lb have been excommunicated from my body never to return again!

Dinner for tonight was this gem...


Can't recommend you giving it a go high enough. Anyone say scrum-didly-umptious?!!

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  1. Hi! 1. I saw you on KMB and swung by, to discover you're LDS too. That's two three letter abbreviations -- woopa! 2. I'm getting that app for my husband -- please, oh please may he find it as useful/motivating/helpful/awes'.