Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy extra hour of sleep everyone!

Day light savings has been and gone and we are now officially on the countdown to the shortest day of the year...after Easter of course! My monkey has transitioned really well (thanks to being ill with a virus) - Saturday night he dropped 14 hours worth of sleep (wooohoooo!), and a good 12 hours last night. It really bites that he isn't well, but I am very grateful for smooth transitions!

I'm making progress on the weight loss front - almost 10kg down. I've dropped a good dress size, and my pants are actually doing up. The most pleasing (for me anyway) side effect is my post c-section apron is lifting!! I can actually see the scar now (apologies if that is TMI). My legs are slimming down, and I can even see a little bit in my face. Long may it continue. By spring I hope to be under 100kg. Lets see what I can accomplish!

The is a lot happening in our little corner of the world at the moment. We sold our house in Hamilton (which was causing a lot of financial worries), hubby has enrolled in study, and I have re-applied for my teaching registration. To be brutally honest, that scares the living snot out of me. I have always vowed that I wouldn't have someone else looking after and raising my son - I know others do it, but I just don't feel comfortable with it. So filling out the necessary paperwork was enough to make me leak at the seams. But it is done, and I'm only committing to a day a week at this stage, possibly two. Help me talk myself into this :s.

Easter preparation is coming along..buns made yesterday, and looking forward to going Easter egg shopping for my monkey once the magic money appears in my account! I hope my willpower will withstand the indulgence of Easter.

Biscous xxxx

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