Thursday, November 29, 2012

My organised self..

I'm an organising junkie, I'll confess it. In fact, I'm really not happy (or functional) without my organisational system. I'll explain why..

Part of my PND profile was being completely overwelmed by any decision I had to make for myself. I literally wouldn't get dressed if I had to make a choice about what to wear, wouldn't cook if I had to decide what to cook etc...well you get the idea. I was completely non-functioning. I tried many different ideas to get me moving and at least having a little success throughout the day, lists (which stressed me out beyond belief!), lucky dip jars, text prompts, alarms - you name it, I did it!

Then I stumbled upon the idea of a homemaker's folder. Now, the idea of a homemaker is wonderful but the terminology just didn't sit well with the feminist in me. So mine became my Family folder. I found this blog post by one of my favourite bloggers  Clean Mama - it details how to set up such a binder. Being in my "I can't make a single decision mindset", I copied her binder as closely as I could. I purchased her printables and printed away to my hearts content. 

What I discovered was this.. I could arrange the folder so that I could only see one day's activities at a time. This helped me not to become completely overwelmed with what I had to accomplish that day/week/month/year/decade...yes, I struggled with breaking things down into smaller, achievable amounts.

I started with the cleaning system,and once that was working for me I started meal planning..what a revelation!! Not only was I saving money by only buying what I needed to cook with (reducing waste), but for 30 minutes anxiety I no longer needed to make any decisions regarding food for the rest of the week. And as time went on, I could recycle previous meal planners so that I didn't have to think about it at all!!! Wooohooo!!

Now these day's I'm in a much better headspace. Lists no longer freak me out, and I can make decisions, set time frames and feel successful. But my family folder lives on, and as I discover more things I want in it, it grows and grows. I LOVE Clean Mama for forever changing my life for the better!



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