Friday, November 19, 2010

Gosh its been a while!

How time disappears! When did it get to be the end of November? And for that fact, nearly the end of the year? Life has been extraordinarily busy around these parts. Mostly because of so very ill family members too far away for us to see, but whom we think about all the time. My father in law is returning from representing us all in far away South Africa, so my little family is heading up to his home to be the supportive net we hope we will be.

But in the last week and a bit, well, this is the run down:
1. Cale got his first tooth
2. He sat completely unaided
3. My family from Australia visited
4. I had a very productive meeting with mental health
5. We caught up with lots of friends
6. I made my boy a duvet cover - very cool!

7. My husband had a gaming tournament
8. My boy had a virus
9. And looks like he is getting ready to start crawling, mega excitement!

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