Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter and the things I am grateful for...

Easter Friday, the first day of an extra long weekend, and the day of Jesus's passing. It amazes me that so many people don't even know that. Easter, like Christmas has become a day of commercialism and just another public holiday that we take for granted. We are not overly religious, but both LOML and myself have had a religious upbringing. It amazes me that we study the significance of all our other public holidays and yet there is little understanding of why the dates for Easter change, or which days are which.

Today we started the day with hot crossed buns (chocolate ones, mmmmm) and had a lovely quiet family day at home. And we will be doing the Easter egg hunt, but we will also be aware of the significance of the day and the symbolism of the eggs.

My Mum and Dad arrive tomorrow, YAY! This is very exciting - its the first time I have seen them since the great move northwards. Monkey will be spoilt rotten this weekend, one set of grandparents tomorrow and the other set return from Malaysia on Sunday!

Okay, things I am grateful for...

My beautiful boy, and sleepy cuddles
A wonderful LOML who accepts and loves me wholeheartedly
Great friends
Walks on the beach (being close enough to the beach to make this an option)
Making my own cleaning products and cutting my grocery bill in half
Stormy nights when we are all tucked up in bed
The smell of rain in the morning
Waking up to the most amazing view every morning (can't wait for my camera to arrive so I can show you all!!)

Wishing you all the most wonderful Easter. I hope you are all indulging in beautiful moments with your families, and of course, oodles of chocolate!!


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