Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter Sunday!

Normally, we would have started the day with an Easter egg hunt - but its funny how things change once you have children! Monkey is so almost walking, his Ouma and Oupa have bought him a trolley to walk behind and he loves it. He also does not like chocolate...very strange child, given how much I love the stuff! So LOML hid the eggs for me and I went hunting once Monkey had gone down to sleep. Mmmmm chocolate!!

In other news - my BIL bought up my camera for me so I can take some photos and upload them, hooray!!

My Easter present from Mum and Dad was a gorgeous marshmellow egg from Silky Oaks in Hawke's Bay (mmmm), and my Easter present from my IL's was another 2 pandora charms for my bracelet...tres lucky I say!!


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