Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm so impressed with myself!!

Groceries - an essential part of our existence, we all need to eat right? Well, our budget has taken a fair whack lately, what with moving and life stuff. So a fortnight ago, I went to Pack n Slave (my pet hate, if you can't tell), and still managed to come out with a whopping $266 food bill. This got me thinking, what exactly was I spending all our precious coin on? Well the necessities I thought..turns out this was not quite the truth.

On my mission to downsize our foodbill, I managed to do our groceries for this week without stepping foot in a supermarket, or a warehouse! I got everything we needed from Binn Inn, Mad Butcher, and the fruit and vegetable shop.....and da da da da dahhhh it cost me a measly $120!! Yeah, I couldn't quite believe it either. So, not only will we be saving money, but we will be eating totally nutritious  meals where I know exactly what went into them.

Yes Wendyl, I think you are my new idol....

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