Wednesday, April 6, 2011

hello world!!

My goodness, we made it! We are now officially relocated in Orewa, and do you know what? I'm thinking I might like it here! The house has an AMAZING view over the estuary, but falls a tad short on the decor. So it is my mission to de-grannyify this house as quickly as I can. It started today with 8 canvases covered in simply gorgeous fabrics (and when I unearth my camera I'll add some pictures - I'm really stoked with how they have come out!). My BIL's partner now has eyes for my gun stapler, ahhh the  hidden treasures an ex-teacher has in her stationary cupboard!

I'm happy, enough said!



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  2. Sounds like a great place to live...I was in Orewa the other day thinking of what a great place it was :)
    And fabric covered canvas! lovely

  3. Hooray, so glad you have settled in. Looking forward to seeing some pics :D xx