Monday, March 14, 2011

THANK goodness!!!

Ok, I have become absolutely fascinated with Made by Rae. She is devoting this month to all things little boy - and as a Mama to a little boy, this has served me with mucho inspiration!! Recently she made a fleece dressing gown for her wee boy, and I was in *swoon*!! Bless her kind heart, she even supplied the pattern reference.

Last night I received an email informing me of a sale at spotlight - so off I trekked and what do you know...they had run out of said pattern. Boo. I think if I was a 2 year old I would have been in full tantrum at this point! Any how, after spending the best part of the afternoon trying to track down this pattern, and nobody having it - I did a bit of research, and what do you can buy patterns over the net and download and print them off! Ingenious!! So now I am equipped with fleece, pattern and all things necessary to have a day of creating tomorrow! I'm very excited about this prospect! Lets all cross our fingers that no potential buyers want to come through the house in the morning!!

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