Friday, March 18, 2011

Things that I'm loving..

Thanks once again must go to the wonderful paisleyjade, for providing the inspiration to this post - and making me reflect on what in my life!!

So things that I am loving....

1. Sewing!!! I had the really odd scenario this week of no LOML or child and really put my sewing machine through its paces - it was great!!

2. Marshmellow easter eggs!! It has to be the large Cadbury ones and they HAVE to have been in the freezer! Mmmm....

3. Hot bread! The aroma of a freshly cooked loaf and the opportunity to have a slice and a cuppa with the gorgeous ladies at Hauora (currently responsible for my state of mind!).

4. Having my LOML home for the weekend after a week of being separated - even though we are both too exhausted to do much, I love, love, love having him home!

5. My monkey - he is an absolute delight! I love watching him grow, develop and explore - just watching him makes me smile.

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