Saturday, October 16, 2010

Busy, busy, busy..

Ever had one of those months, where everything seems to happen at once? Well October is proving to be one of THOSE months. Luckily, my wee man doesn't seem to be fazed by it all - a real blessing in itself.

We have had the weekend with the in-laws, and although this is usually a very stressful situation for me, it went surprisingly well. Cale was the centre of attention - and hammed it up in the best possible of ways, charming everyone with his easygoing nature. Of course it also helped having a break away to meet with some other gorgeous mums and there equally beautiful babies. I always love seeing these ladies, so it was a double win really.

However nice it is to go and see family, it is so nice to be home and in our own space. Cale literally lit up like a Christmas tree when he realised where we were. So now we have most of this week here (at home), before we attempt our first major trip - a good 4 hour drive to Hastings! It's exciting, but scary as well. Hopefully wee monkey will travel just as well.

As for me, I'm quite tired, so I suspect I'll be having a quiet few days to build up my energy reserves, before next weekend.

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