Friday, October 8, 2010

Likkle toof, likkle toof, come out, come out, where ever you are...

Oh teething, how I dislike you. My angel child normally sleeps very well, especially at night time. Not so last night. After grumbling in his sleep for the majority of the night, I awoke to a screaming child at 5.30am, yawn. Pamol and bonjela on the dummy, and into the rocking chair we go. He eventually calmed down enough to allow us both to have a wee catnap. Unfortunately, that has been the way of the day. My normally happy child, has been replaced by a screaming monster, who only has eyes for his mama.

As much as I j'adore being the centre of his world, it is very taxing when I'm so tired. Because I didn't sleep properly, my medication hasn't had a chance to work - so I'm feeling really vague and incoherent. All I can do is hope that tonight will be better.

On a lighter note, I made big headway in my mountain of washing (a reflux baby creates soooo much washing!), and had a wee giggle when a great gust of wind came along and knocked my overladen clotheshorses to the ground - or deck as the case maybe. At least the deck was dry and relatively clean. Mmmmm love, love, love the smell of clean washing that has been hung outside in the sunshine.

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  1. lol! We had the too-heavy clothes horse blow over on the deck too. I try to jam the legs inbetween the wooden slats hehe