Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Family days at home

Sleep, sleep, why do you elude me? I should be sleeping like a log with all the medication they have me on, but once again the insomniac was awake til 2am - an improvement on the previous night, I must add, but still....it wears me down. Little boy on the other hand had another great nights sleep! Oh to be a baby again.

We are waiting for little monkey's BCG vaccination site to heal before we go swimming (which none of us can wait for by the way), he is a real water baby as you can see. Last night we had a trial run in the bath...so much fun, I think the neighbour's could just about here the giggling! 

The water wings were a bit of a trick, they pretty much took up his whole arms. To start with he couldn't control his arms, then his slightly idiotic parents realised the water was too shallow! Hehe, can't wait for the water ring his Ouma is sending him.

Teething is an ongoing battle here at the moment, causing tears for Cale and for Mama. The upside to all of this of course, is that he is getting really good at sitting up. Poor little mite, he can't have any of the Weleda products as they all have a lactose base, and the latest trick is eating the bonjela so that it doesn't actually make it to his gums! Here are a couple of pictures of my clever boy!

I'm going to go and cuddle my wee family, and have a snooze with my darling boy this afternoon - days don't get much better than this.

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