Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pilates...my new riesling

Now I have done pilates classes before, but last week, at the family centre, my PND group was treated to a free class of pilates. We all floated out of there afterwards, particularly as the instructor offered to give us all free tuition at her house on a weekly basis!!

So, very excitedly we all swarmed on said lady's house, and oh my, what a house! She has her own private studio downstairs all set up with the appropriate equipment etc. We started off bouncing on swiss balls like 5 year olds, FANTASTIC!! After much stretching, squeezing and resisting, we all left with beaming smiles on our faces. There are parts of me that haven't been worked in so long - I'm sore, but feel fabulous!

I can't wait for next week, and what the session will bring. One thing is for sure, it feels brilliant to be moving again.

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