Saturday, October 30, 2010

Toof - are you here to stay finally?

Teething, it must be the bane of every parent known to man. My wee monkey's teeth have been moving around for nearly 6 months now, and we have felt every one. We have had a rubbish few days, and upon closer inspection this morning, there is a little toof peeking through the gum. I really hope it is here to stay this time. I think my sanity depends upon it to be honest.

Thank goodness for such wonders as amber teething beads, baby nurofen, and baby pamol!

It has been dramarama round here lately. Someone very wise once said that it never rains but it pours, I think I'd like to meet that person. If only to say thanks for stating the obvious! Haha.

The scary thing (thinking back to teeth) is that this is only toof number 1, I'm really hoping that the rest aren't going to be so fraught.

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